Linari Engineering was established in 2003, focusing on the design and subsequent creation of equipment for the characterization and creation of thermohydraulic systems in the field of  high-energy physics (INFN e CERN). From the initial collaboration with University of Pisa, Linari Engigneering started to produce the first biomedical equipment and system for electrospinning in 2008. The company has got all the technical skills to project and realize advanced mechatronic devices, such as electrospinning systems, of both static and dynamic types with roto-translating collectors, bioreactors for dynamic cellular culture in vitro and finally tele-rehabilitation equipment. The company has a wealth of experience in industrial automation and processes, as is evident by certifications awarded  by international bodies: SCADA Progea system and Arc Informatique, PLC and Omron Electronics servomotors and Alleantia telecontrol system by web.

In SENSOR, Linari Engineering  has collaborated aiming at the realization of electrospun sensors for the detection of chemical contaminants.